Welcome to the 20.20 Blog for Spring 2013

In this class, you will have an opportunity to develop projects that are responsive to real-world problems, using solutions that depend on biological technologies. You'll be learning techniques, strategies and vocubulary for biological engineering. You'll spend time lectures doing hands-on activities and in the studio block working with your team on your synthetic biological system.

This blog serves as a public record of your impressions as you make your way from 3 ideas to technical specifications to a final project. At least once every 2 weeks, we'll ask you to comment with at least 300 words on your progress. At the end of the term, you'll collect all of your blogs (there will be 6 of them) and add a cover sheet that reviews and reflects on your 20.020 experience.
We hope this blog serves as an interesting reminder of your introduction to biological engineering design!
  • Things you could blog about
*Items you've read that are related to the contend in 20.020
*Future directions you can imagine for the work
*Exciting or unexpected results
*Impressions about the assignments, lectures, structure of the class
*Topics that connect class content to concerns/needs of your peers
*your idea here...
  • Things you can’t do
*Publish MIT's logo since that might be construed as MIT endorsement of your views
*Publish photographs with people’s names tagged
*Publish rude or malicious comments/statements

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